I am passionate about ERGONOMICS and healthy operations of the business environment.

For years I have placed thousands of people in a cube with a chair; positioned motionless each day. Now I am wondering how the health is of these many thousands of people who sit in their chair for 8 hours?

How do you know that your body's position, it's structure is supported within your workplace effectively? My passion is to inspire others to be aware of how their current workplace can become much more effective with a few changes and tweaks. I offer an 1 hour consultation on optimizing your workplace into and environment of fun and energy, no charge! Contact me: or tweet me @ERGOTill.

My passion is to create healthy commercial environments, people who will walk their way to health step by step. I offer solutions for health and wellness for the people in the workplace. My website is 

INDOFF is a National Distributor based in St. Louis, MO. We are financially and effectively positioned to provide space solutions from furniture, ergonomics, carpet and window treatments for the modern sustainable office.

I create a healthy, high energy living in the workplace. I am dedicated to my clients and create clean offices! Clean, those that are acoustically soothing. Privacy, acoustical management which increases speech privacy between workers and reduce audible distractions. These are the spaces created for the working people of today.

This career journey has provided me the opportunity to serve hundreds of business, education, government offices and military bases. Commitment to my service to others has provided me the opportunity to visualize, create, build and establish office and commercial interior environments, ergonomically, wisely, timely and successfully for many wonderful "RAVING FAN" customers and clients for over 32 years.